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Our Expert-in-Residence (XIR)  programme represents the curation of a “startup A- team” with the specific expertise high growth startups need to succeed.  These expert operators each contribute at least 5 hours per month to Te Ōhaka founders via one-on-one support and in-depth knowledge sessions.


We are continuously building on this programme to serve the needs of the startups at Te Ōhaka and to best represent the expertise that we are grateful to see returning to New Zealand and ready to drive this booming national startup ecosystem forward. Meet our line-up of XIR’s below.


One of the major elements that set the Te Ōhaka startup community apart is the incredible lineup of mentors, advisors, and experienced operators who are leaning in to support the early stage growth and development of the ventures in the Te Ōhaka incubator.



Our mentor programme is second to none with a curated team of truly diverse global mentors with deep experience and specific domain experience that can help Te Ōhaka startups navigate the challenges of their early stage startup journey.

Out of 67 of our mentors. 31 are in New Zealand, 13 in United States, 6 in Australia, 6 in Singapore, 2 in China, 2 in Hong Kong, 2 in Japan, 2 in India, 1 in Thailand, 1 in Spain, and 1 in Taiwan. 23 are women.  Go ahead and meet them below…