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Announcing EY New Zealand as the official sponsor and partner of Te Ōhaka

We are stoked to officially announce EY as sponsor and partner of Te Ōhaka – Centre for Growth and Innovation. This partnership enables EY to supercharge the growth of startups at Te Ōhaka and also allows startups to get mentorship and support from one of the global leaders in SME consulting.

Since November last year, the EY New Zealand team has been sitting down 1:1 and helping founders with every facet of their business including tax, R&D, growth, strategy, planning, marketing, HR & operation, compliance and more. And founders are reaping the benefits from these conversations.

We believe that the support EY provides will continue to help nurture and strengthen the growth of our startups at Te Ōhaka.

Below is the Radius Robotics team chatting with Liz Foxwell-Canning, Manager of the Private Client Advisory from EY.