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C Prize 2019 – Empowering New Zealand’s next generation of environmental innovators

What’s C-Prize? 

C-Prize is a competition run by Callaghan Innovation that seeks to push the boundaries of what’s possible through technology.

This year’s C-Prize competition is challenging entrants to develop innovative tech-based solutions with the power to change environmental outcomes.


What’s in it? 

C-Prize 2019 teams will compete for exciting cash prize packages, access to expert R&D and business advice, and significant international market exposure.

Key benefits include: 

• Develop your big idea with extra support and reduced risk 

• Access resources to support Research & Development to a proof of concept or early product prototype 

• Connect with the innovation community nationally and internationally • Learn from industry experts to improve your chances of business success 

• Establish and grow your profile as an environmental innovator 

• Win a share of over $250k in prizes, including a first prize of $100k cash and services

The 2019 Game – Environmental Innovation Challenge

There are three entry categories for this year’s C-Prize: 

• Growing and Producing: How we grow and/or manufacture new or existing products and services in innovative ways (new materials, new processes, new systems, etc.) that will accelerate positive environmental outcomes 

• Using and Consuming: How we consume products in ways that preserve resources (reuse, recycle, reclaim, etc.) and reduce negative environmental impacts 

• Rejuvenating Natural Systems: The creation or innovative use of technologies that will not just reduce negative environmental impacts, but improve our natural environment (land, climate, soil, water, and nutrient systems)



C-Prize 2019 team entries opened on Monday 23 September 2019 and will close on 8th December; the finalists will be announced on the 20th December. 


What’s happening at the entrant information evenings @ Te Ōhaka?

The Callaghan team will fly from Auckland to Christchurch and host an evening information event at Te Ōhaka – Centre for Growth and Innovation on the 22 October 2019 5.30 – 7.30 PM.

At this information evening, you’ll hear from leading New Zealand environmental innovators, learn more about the challenge, hear how to complete a compelling entry and have the chance to network with other forward-thinking founders and entrepreneurs, scientists and engineers from New Zealand’s innovation ecosystem. 



More info about C Prize

For more details please contact [email protected].