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Accelerate the future of healthcare with HealthTech Supernode Challenge

Join us for a thought-provoking and insightful webinar session specially created for TechWeek and featuring Rick Davies – Head of Technology & Innovation at Ryman Healthcare – Australasia’s leading Aged Care provider.

Then we’ll hear from Helen Lunt – Clinical Director of Via Innovations and Canterbury District Health Board which is arguably one of the most innovative DHBs in the country. Helen will outline some of the problems that require innovation in the Rural Care sector.

This is your chance to get inspired by the challenge, gather a team, and get cracking around potential solutions to enter into the HealthTech Supernode Challenge.

In this webinar, we will also go into the details of the kind of innovations we want to see enter the Challenge as well as giving you all the information you will need to apply.

If you’re passionate about innovation, healthcare, and up for a challenge then you’ll want to join this free webinar and get inspired.

Space is limited, so make sure you sign up now!

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