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Asia Innovation Series: Opportunities in HealthTech

This is the second of Ministry of Awesome’s Asia Innovation Series where we focus on the growth and investment opportunity that Asia represents for Kiwi startups.

This time we will be speaking with leading Kiwi healthtech entrepreneurs who have successfully built their ventures in the Asian market.

This webinar features a select group of speakers including:

  • Tam Hankinson, Managing Director of The Clinician, who will speak about his company’s experience in entering the Asian market.
  • Gabe Rijpma, CEO of Aceso HealthCare, who will share with you his experience in leading the Microsoft Health team in Singapore.
  • Alistair Crozier, South Island Establishment Manager of Asia New Zealand Foundation, about the Foundation’s services and outreach activities to Asia to support Kiwi startups.

It will be an informative session with leaders who understand the Asian commercial landscape so book your ticket now as space is limited.

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About Ministry of Awesome’s Asia Innovation Series

The Ministry of Awesome Asia Innovation Series is designed to give Kiwi startups the information they need to successfully enter the Asian market. You’ll get market insights, make some important connections, and get on-the ground experience from Kiwi startups who have gone before you and successfully entered the world’s largest market.


Meet your speakers


Tamaryn Hankinson
Co-Founder and Managing Director The Clinician


Helping co-found The Clinician in 2015, Tamaryn (Tam) compliments the company’s clinical expertise with 20 years of commercial life science experience. Prior to co-founding The Clinician, Tam worked for leading healthcare companies such as Johnson & Johnson, Servier Laboratories before taking up senior management roles in the business intelligence division of Informa.

Following her successful international career in healthcare business intelligence sales, product management and company acquisitions Tam brings with her to The Clinician the necessary knowledge and skills to drive the company’s core commercial activities.

Gabe Rijpma
CEO of Aceso Health


Gabe’s passion for over 15 years has been focused on digital health and the application of technology innovation to make health better throughout the Asia Pacific region. Gabe is currently the CEO of Aceso Health – a company focused on delivering answers for health customers looking to improve their health systems through digital transformation. Prior to Aceso he worked for Microsoft for 20 years where he led Microsoft’s healthcare business for 15 years across 22 different markets throughout Asia, with additional technical and sales leadership roles across Asia, Australia and the United States.

Gabe is globally recognized for his work in healthcare and for the work with health technology innovators. An active investor, board member and advisor to tech companies throughout New Zealand and the broader Asia Pacific region with a deep focus on making health better for all of us.

Alistair Crozier
South Island Establishment Manager at Asia New Zealand Foundation


Alistair represents the Asia New Zealand Foundation in the South Island.  The Foundation equips New Zealanders with the knowledge, networks and confidence to engage successfully with Asia.  Alistair previously served as a New Zealand diplomat for 25 years.  He established and led the New Zealand Consulate in Chengdu, Western China, and has also been posted to Beijing, Ha Noi and Papua New Guinea.  He holds arts and law degrees from the University of Canterbury.