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Coffee & Jam: AppraiseMe and Moover

Join us at this month’s Coffee & Jam where you will first hear from Justin Castle, the founder of AppraiseMe, a Christchurch-based proptech startup. Launched recently and already getting lots of attention within the real estate community, AppraiseMe aims to support vendors and real estate agents by streamlining the prospecting process and making it more efficient.

Next up, you’ll hear from Richard Appleby who co-founded Moover, an Agritech company that automates the movement of backing gates for dairy farms. The system helps reduce workload for milkers and improve cow flow and wellbeing. With over a decade of experience in dairy farming, Richard and the founding team’s ambition is to revolutionise the way dairy cows are managed in dairy sheds globally.

This is expected to be an informative session as always, so come along, be inspired, and meet your startup and innovation tribe!

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Meet your speakers

Justin Castle
Founder @AppraiseMe

Justin Castle is the founder of the online platform Appraiseme.co.nz, an online property appraisals app without the meet and greet. AppraiseMe looks to support the real estate industry by streamlining the prospecting process by making it more efficient.Justin will be speaking about his journey, hurdles and challenges and why he chose to do what he is doing.

Richard Appleby
Founder @Moover

Richard co-founded Moover, an Agritech company in late 2020. Moover is focused on the agricultural sector. Richard has an extensive background in dairy farming,having worked on dairy farms professionally for a decade. Richard has qualifications in agribusiness management and experience in dairy consulting.