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Coffee & Jam: How to manage a successful pivot

One of the cool things about early-stage startups is their ability to stay nimble and adjust quickly to challenges AND opportunities.  This becomes your superpower in uncertain times allowing you your venture to not only survive but thrive through the pandemic recovery.

In next week’s Coffee & Jam, we’re going to focus on how to spot those opportunities and pivot your venture to solve the problems that have suddenly presented.  We’ve assembled an awesome panel to share their perspectives with you gained from their own current and past experiences as founders, investors, and acceleration programme managers.

Our awesome panelists include:

    • Ben Kepes – Founder of Cactus Outdoor, Startup investor, and Tech blogger
    • Tip Piumsomboon – Principal @BlackbirdVC
    • Laura Reitel – Startup Programme Manager @Callaghan Innovation

Make sure to come along to learn, inspire (and be inspired), and (virtually) meet your innovation tribe!


Meet your speakers

Tip Piumsomboon – Principal @ Blackbird Ventures

Tip is recognised as 100 Woman of Influence as a result of creating a community of Young Women in Finance (YMF) which grew to 800 members. Tip joined Tim Mitchell and Brian Bourdot at NZ Super Fund in 2013. They doubled the portfolio in 3 years, outperforming the NZX50 and peers. In 2018, Tip fell in love with the mission of Blackbird Ventures and joined the team as an Analyst, then became a Principle. Her name is also on the Smart 30 Under 30 list 2019 by Smart Company Australia.

Ben Kepes – Principal @ Diversity VC

A one-time high school dropout and electrician, Ben went on to be a co-founder of a successful workwear and outdoor equipment brand. Ben has been an investor in a large number of early-stage technology startups across three continents and has had successful exits to listed and privately held companies in Canada, the US, and the UK. He has served on the advisory boards of a number of technology startups in New Zealand, Australia, the US, and the UK.

Laura Reitel – Startup Programme Manager @Callaghan Innovation

Laura is passionate about working and helping early-stage startups realize and reach their full potential. She has run two successful accelerator programs at TechStars in Boulder (its flagship location) and consulted for many more within the Global Accelerator Network.

She was the Head of Accelerator at Creative HQ and is now the Startup Programme Manager at Callaghan Innovation.