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Coffee & Jam: Spout and The Buzz Club

We are thrilled to announce that the next Coffee & Jam will be back at the Epic Innovation Centre this month!

Join us at Coffee & Jam as we hear from two very exciting up-and-coming startups. First off, you will hear from Edward Eaton and Wilbur Morrison about their recently-launched beverage startup The Buzz Club. The Buzz Club is a Te Ōhaka-based startup that produces mead – a type of alcohol brewed from honey. They aim to combat the traditional reputation of mead, bringing it into the 21st century through the use of modern brewing styles, and unique flavour combinations.

Next up, you’ll hear from Luka Licul and Nick Jackson, the co-founders of Spout. Spout aims to eliminate plastic milk bottle waste in cafes and offices by providing a milk on tap solution using kegs. Having launched in Christchurch just a few months ago, they’re on an exciting journey to get their awesome products to the hands of many customers.

This is expected to be an informative session as always, so come along, be inspired, and meet your startup and innovation tribe!

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Edward Eaton
Co-founder and Director @The Buzz Club
Edward has completed a Bachelor of Visual Communication Design and is currently studying towards a Master’s Degree in Business Marketing. Edward wants to use his training to break down the walls surrounding the traditional reputation of mead as well as reconnecting urban New Zealand to its wonderful native forests through the use of native honey in their products.Edward will be talking with Co-Founder Wilbur about their startup journey thus far.
Wilbur Morrison
Co-founder and Director @The Buzz Club
Wilbur is the co-founder of The Buzz Club. He has recently finished a Bachelor of Agriculture Science (hons) at Lincoln University and has a strong passion for the primary industry in New Zealand. Wilbur wants to help diversify the primary products produced in New Zealand to open new income streams and make the sector more future proof. Wilbur will be talking with Edward about their company The Buzz Club and how they intend to bring mead into the 21st century.
Luka Licul
Founder @Spout
Luka is a co-founder of Spout, a Dunedin-based start-up reducing plastic milk bottle waste in the hospitality sector by supplying milk in kegs. Luka participated in the YES programme in 2018 and the Venture Up programme in early 2019, where Spout was born. For the past year, Spout has been filling kegs at a dairy farm in Otago and selling to local cafés saving thousands of plastic bottles. Now, Spout is preparing to launch into Christchurch with plans to eventually expand nationwide and make plastic bottles a thing of the past.Luka will be talking to us today about New Zealand’s plastic milk bottle problem and Spout’s journey towards fixing it.
Nick Jackson
CTO @Pyper Vision & Co-Founder @Spout
Nick splits his time between two startups. Pyper Vision is on a mission to eliminate fog disruptions at aerodromes, empowering airlines, airports and ATC alike to maintain their revenue, operate on schedule and in safe conditions every time. Spout sells milk, without the plastic waste, in reusable stainless steel kegs to high-volume milk users – milk on tap. He is an engineering graduate from UC with a BE(Hons) and ME in Chemical and Process Engineering.