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Fireside Chats: Legal issues for startups and SMEs during a crisis

As a startup founder or SME business owner, we want to be sure you’re fully prepared for all the twists and turns your venture will experience over the next wee while.

In this Fireside Chat from our partners at Wynn Williams, we’re looking at the legal implications of some of the decision making that may lie ahead for you.  In this session, you will learn about:

– Debt recovery:
– Personal guarantees;
– Changes to the Companies Act in relation to insolvent trading;
– Insolvency: corporate (liquidations) and personal (bankruptcy);
– Leasing issues;
– Contractual issues: force majeure clauses and frustration; and
– Employment issues: varying employment terms and restructurings.

The ultimate goal is to help you build a solid understanding of legal implications for startups and small business during the current crisis and help you make informed decisions if and/or when problems arise.

This is stuff you need to know as a founder and business owner and spending some time preparing now will help with your ability to confidently lead your venture through the difficulty ahead.

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Meet your speakers

Charlene Sell
Partner at Wynn Williams

Charlene is an emerging leader in commercial law in New Zealand. She specialises in advising business owners and managers on how to structure their businesses and how to resolve day-to-day issues affecting them.  Her expertise includes business acquisitions and sales, drafting and providing advice on commercial contracts and terms of trade, advising on export arrangements, dealing with employment matters and protecting clients’ brands.

Charlene also advises business owners with structuring their personal affairs. This involves taking steps to protect their personal assets by establishing family trusts and advising them on succession planning.


Shane Campbell

Senior Associate at Wynn Williams

Shane specialises in all commercial litigation, with a particular interest in debt collection, trusts and estates, contract and company matters, negligence, construction, and declaratory proceedings.  Specifically in terms of debt collection, Shane has appeared in the High Court and Court of Appeal on matters relating to debt collection including summary judgment applications and defences, bankruptcy proceedings, liquidation proceedings, contract enforcement and difficult contract interpretation questions.

Shane has also previously worked as a Judges’ Clerk for the High Court.  He is currently a member of the New Zealand Law Society Civil Litigation and Tribunals Committee.