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Fundraising Readiness Series with Atin Batra

Founders will go through 2 excel models that startups should always have in place before walking (or dialing, more likely) into an investor pitch meeting. A financial model with projections for the next 18 months, and a pro forma cap table that models out the ownership + dilution.

About Atin Batra

Atin looks for entrepreneurs with an overwhelming drive to build a business that not only creates shareholder value but also leaves a positive impact on our fragile world. Most recently, he was the Principal at a global VC firm investing in Deep Tech & connected Hardware startups in North America. Prior to that, he led Hong Kong’s first corporate accelerator. Originally from India, Atin spends his weekends (and some weekdays) trail running Hong Kong’s beautiful country parks.

This event is for Te Ōhaka startups only.