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How to Prepare Yourself for the Chinese Market

At 10AM, Thursday 28 April we have Jessica Miao from United Media Solution hosting a Sharing Session for our startups in the space. This will be held in-person at Te Ōhaka and the topic will be on ‘How to Prepare Yourself for the Chinese Market’

Jessica founded UMS in 2011. Based primarily in Shanghai, Jessica leads a cross-culture expert team focusing on leading overseas brands and businesses to succeed in the challenging Chinese market. Jessica has been honored with a number of business awards including Zhejiang’s Top 100 Innovative Women in 2017.

Jessica’s experience working in Australia and New Zealand, and travelling extensively for business has developed her strong understanding of Western brands and markets, as well an in-depth knowledge of the Chinese market. This rare perspective enables Jessica to assist overseas brands to understand their Chinese audience and raise their profile in the highly competitive Chinese market.

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Jessica Miao, Founder, United Media Solution