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How to raise money from VCs

If you identify your company as a venture-backed startup, understanding how to raise money from VCs is crucial. 

Next up at Fireside Chat, we will hear from one of the sharpest young minds in the VC world – Tip Piumsomboon. Tip is currently working as a Principle at Blackbird Ventures – a household name VC firm based in Australia that famously invested in Canva when it was just an idea. Blackbird Ventures has 126 investments in its portfolio and growing.

Tip will talk about why ambition is the fundamental element of fundraising and building a legacy company. She will cover all important components of raising investment such as why getting VC funding, how to get noticed, how to get prepared, examples of worst pitch and best pitch. And share other insights that might just help you nail the best possible VC partnership outcomes.

About Tip Piumsomboon

Tip is recognised as 100 Woman of Influence as a result of creating a community of Young Women in Finance (YMF) which grew to 800 members. Tip joined Tim Mitchell and Brian Bourdot at NZ Super Fund in 2013. They doubled the portfolio in 3 years, outperforming the NZX50 and peers. In 2018, Tip fell in love with the mission of Blackbird Ventures and joined the team as an Analyst, then became a Principle. If that’s not enough, her name is also on the Smart 30 Under 30 list 2019 by Smart Company Australia.

Twitter handle: @tip_nz and @blackbird.vc

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