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Office Hours with Canterbury Employers Chamber of Commerce (CECC)


Office Hours are about creating opportunities for startups and VCs to meet, either for investment pitching or for any general startup Q&As. Startups get the opportunity to speak with top-tier investors in ANZ and other countries which they would not normally/easily have the chance to do so if they were to approach the same investors by themselves.

This is an exclusive Te Ōhaka member event. If you are someone looking for the tools and support to get your startup off the ground and running, reach out about joining our incubation programme: https://lnkd.in/dZB7jJQ

Meet your VC

Miho Tanaka Gumpp, Growth Advisor, Canterbury Employers Chamber of Commerce

Over the past 20 years, Miho has had a multidisciplinary career as an award winning advertising creative and UX/UI person, founder of a mobile app startup and then of a Data Protection company, mentor to startups and global advisory board member to an international conference.

She has lead campaigns for global brands such as MINI, BMW, and Sony PlayStation. She formed strategic partnerships with businesses to organise events, conferences and webinars for her companies. She produced digital products and services to help multi-national companies comply with GDPR. However, she is most proud of the fact that she achieved these with her dedicated team members; leading them through both good and bad times with, what she hopes to have focused on, vision and compassion.