Join us at this last Startup Breakfast Club of 2020 where you will be joined by two fantastic speakers who will discuss business models for startups and how your venture can make money.

You will hear from Jenni Callaghan, Senior Manager at EY, who will introduce you to various types of business models that can be considered when starting a new company; and how to choose a model that is most suitable for your business.

Jenni will be followed by Rollo Wenlock, a Kiwi entrepreneur who has recently moved to Christchurch from the United States. In 2012, Rollo founded Wipster – a software-as-a-service video collaboration and publishing platform which has raised close to $5M. Rollo will be talking about the pros and cons of different types of business models, how to recognise when a model is not working, and how to successfully pivot to a new model.

Come along to learn, meet your startup tribe, and enjoy the free-flowing coffee and breakfast nibbles. Thanks to MYOB, it’s all free so secure your spot now!

Startup Breakfast Club always sells out in advance, so make sure you get your tickets before the 16th December.

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Meet your speakers

Jenni Callaghan
Senior Manager @EY Private 

Jenni Callaghan is a Chartered Accountant and Senior Manager in EY’s Private team. Her career at EY has been built from a base of business development roles with large global IT companies. Jenni’s combination of technical accounting skills and tax knowledge, alongside business and sales acumen, positions her well to offer a broad range of advice to startup companies.

Jenni will introduce you to various types of business models that could be considered when starting a business.

Rollo Wenlock
CEO @Wipster
Rollo was a video maker before starting Wipster to solve problems of gathering feedback from clients. Wipster has been through many iterations of SaaS pricing.

Rollo will be talking to us today about the process of how to choose a business model, discard it and start a new one to end in a model that works best for your business.


About Startup Breakfast Club

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