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Startup Breakfast Club: Startup Culture

Taking the time to curate a motivating company culture at your startup can really pay dividends in motivating your team, attracting new talent, and growing as quickly and efficiently as possible. At this Startup Breakfast Club, we have invited three amazing speakers to discuss all about startup culture.

First off, you’ll hear Marie Johnston from Culture by Design speaking about why investing in workplace culture early on is critical for companies of all sizes. Marie has spent over 15 years in a variety of human resources and leadership roles where she has seen the impact that great and not so great company cultures can have.

Next up, you’ll hear from Nathan Taylor who’s the COO of Christchurch-headquartered startup Partly. Partly has just gone through a successful fundraising round and is now experiencing a tremendous growth spurt in team size. Nathan will speak about how Partly approaches building their culture as a fast growing startup.

Last but not least, you will hear from Ashley Bass – who was an early hire at Seattle-based Tableau just before it went into the stratosphere.  She is doing the same again with US startup Mural, as one of their newest hires helping to take the product and the company global with an all-remote workforce. The challenges at that rapidly scaling end of startup culture are intense and Ashley will share her experience at Mural.

Whether you’re leading a team or working in one, this event is a must-attend! Make sure you get your free tickets now.

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Meet your speakers

 Marie Johnston
Director & Workplace Culture Specialist @Culture by Design

Marie spent a good 15 years in a variety of human resources, OD and leadership roles prior to beginning Culture by Design. This gave her the opportunity to gain valuable hands-on experience working with workplace cultures around the globe and in both the private and public sectors, lighting a fire under her to find better solutions for organisations struggling to navigate the complexity of workplace culture development.

Marie will be speaking about a topic she is very passionate about – why workplace culture is such an important consideration for startups.

Nathan Taylor
COO and Co-founder @Partly

Nathan’s role at Partly sits between their Growth, Product, and Data teams, ensuring the company trajectory aligns with the mission and the customer’s needs. Prior to Partly, Nathan co-founded NZ’s second largest online marketplace. He has a Master’s degree in Linguistics and previously worked as a translator in Indonesia and China.

Nathan will be speaking about the startup values and culture at Partly.

Ashley Bass
Product Person, Community Team @Mural

Ashley Bass is an experienced product leader who builds teams, develops strategy, ships great features, drives product-led growth, and helps busineses scale with programs and operational practices that engage customers and evolve teams in all stages of the product life cycle.

Ashley arrived in New Zealand with 10 years of sales, marketing, and product work at high growth software companies in the US; in Christchurch, she has held senior product and marketing roles and works to advance the product management practice within the startup and software communities as an organizer of product management meetups and a principal founder and product management educator at GSDA.

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