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Startup Breakfast Club: Startup IP

Join us at this Startup Breakfast Club where we will discuss Intellectual Property (IP) for startups. First off, you’ll hear from Rachel Triplow who is an IP lawyer and founder of aRc Legal. Rachel will talk about IP strategy specifically in the context of startup, including how to identify, capture and commercialise IP depending on the company’s requirements and budget.

You’ll then hear from Tracey Austin from Doggone, a pet tech startup that helps reunite dog owners with their lost dogs. Tracey has acquired a registered patent for her company and will speak about her experience going through this process.

Last but not least, you’ll hear from Steve Leftly, co-founder of wearable tech startup Myovolt. Having worked in the electronic textile and wearable tech industry since its inception, Steve will speak about his experience authoring many tech patents while working with global brands like Adidas, Nike and Apple.

As always, there will be free-flowing coffee along with tasty bacon burger breakfasts; and plenty of lessons to be shared. So make sure you come along to learn and network with your startup community.

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Meet your speakers

Rachel Triplow

Founder @aRc Intellectual Property

Rachel has a passion for helping businesses protect and develop their most important asset – their awesome ideas.

She has specialised in intellectual property law for more than 20 years, with various roles in IP law firms in New Zealand and the United Kingdom.

Rachel founded aRc Legal in 2015 with the aim of helping businesses protect and commercialise their IP at a budget they can afford.

At this event, Rachel will speak about “IP for start-ups” – strategies for identifying, capturing and commercialising your IP depending on your requirements and budget.

Tracy Austin
Founding Director @Doggone Limited

Tracy Austin, is acknowledged within the compliance sector as a disrupter, and has often been recognised for her innovation and business acumen in developing Doggone.

An entrepreneur at heart with a passion for creating IT based solutions to keep people (and the ones they love the most) safe, Tracy worked in legal and marketing roles prior to developing Doggone.

Doggone’s goal is to not only help every registered dog (and their owners) in times of need, but also to allow for a whole community response to the age-old problem of wandering and lost dogs.

The ‘Report a wandering dog’ feature within the Doggone app has been accredited with registered patent status and at this event, Tracy will share with you about her experience going through this process.

Steve Leftly
Co-founder @MYOVOLT

World-leading expert in the field of electronic textiles Steve has worked as a research scientist in the smart textiles and wearable technology field since it became one. Steve has worked as Senior Scientist for Canesis where he co-founded Softswitch technology and Fibretronic, both pioneers in textile electronics. He has also authored many technology patents while working with leading global brands such as Nike, Apple, Levis, Adidas, and North Face developing and scaling their wearable electronics product solutions.

Steve now develops Olympic athlete performance wearables and is a founder of Myovolt, the world’s first Wearable Vibration Technology for sports performance, injury recovery and medical applications.

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