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Startup Breakfast Club: Startups and Supernodes

Join us at Startup Breakfast Club this month as we will learn about ChristchurchNZ’s Supernode initiative and what the startup superstars within the Supernodes are up to. Supernode was established to power the growth of four highly active industries including Aerospace, Food & Agritech, HealthTech and High-tech Services. Their goal is to develop a range of globally connected, yet locally relevant Supernodes to power the Christchurch economy.

We will first hear from Sheralee McDonald from SuperNode on what the initiative is about. Then hear from some of the most amazing founders of local high-growth startups including James Hayes from Virtual Medical Coaching, Brad and Brandon Green from Brothers Green and Emeline Paat-Dahlstron from SpaceBase. Each of these startups is accomplishing incredible achievements within one Supernode. 

About Speakers

Sheralee MacDonald // SuperNode

Sheralee MacDonald is Supernode Specialist at ChristchurchNZ, the city’s economic development and city profile agency charged with igniting bold ambition, excitement, connecting changemakers, stimulating economic activity and attracting visitors to Ōtautahi Christchurch. Sheralee has a background in marketing/comms and helping local businesses grow, with a particular passion for environmental technology. She will be talking about the Supernode initiative and opportunities for startups and entrepreneurs.

Brad and Brendon // The Brothers Green

The Brothers Green are committed to setting new standards for the way you interact with food. This Christchurch-based company produce nutritious, sustainable, NZ grown, plant-based foods, which are super tasty! They are on a mission to eliminate chronic disease through nutrition and they’re achieving this by utilising premium NZ grown hemp – nature’s most nutrient-dense seed. Using only spray-free hemp seeds and organic where possible, their range will not only benefit your health but the health of our land, Aotearoa.

James Hayes // Virtual Medical Coaching

James Hayes, Founder of Virtual Medical Coaching decided that learning could be made more effective and efficient and did just that. Since starting in 2015 the company now offers virtual training solutions in radiography, big data analytics, adaptive assessment, virtual reality, augmented reality, and artificial intelligence. The solutions have helped universities have seen increases in student success rates of 20-25%. They are also the winner of 2017 eLearning Guild in Florida, 2018 Microsoft Award for Excellence in Technology Delivery and also the Supreme Prize at the national Tertiary ICT awards.

Emeline Patt-Dahlstrom // Spacebase

Emeline is an author, speaker and space entrepreneur. She is the Co-Founder of International Space Consultants and SpaceBase – a social enterprise working to democratize access to space in emerging countries, starting with New Zealand. Emeline is an Edmund Hillary Fellow, and is the former Chief Impact Officer of Singularity University based in California, USA.

She has worked and consulted for several space startups including Space Adventures and Zero Gravity Corporation. She was the Payload Flight Manager for Odyssey Moon. Emeline is co-author of the book Realizing Tomorrow: The Path to Private Space Flight .

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More about Supernode: https://www.supernode.co.nz

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