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Startup Breakfast Club: The Hustler Mindset

A founder’s ability to make something out of nothing is an important indicator of success. Some call it resourcefulness, whilst others simply call it the ‘hustle’.

At this Startup Breakfast Club, we are going to be looking at ‘The Hustler Mindset’ featuring three very exciting speakers. First off, we will hear from Jack Wood, Co-founder and Chief Customer Officer at Komodo Wellbeing – a SaaS product changing the way boarding schools take care of their student wellbeing. Jack will speak about Komodo’s big pivot in 2020 and how they navigated through the uncertainties and challenges presented.

Next up, Heather Pearson, the co-founder of CalmPipe, will share with you her stories of how the co-founding team continually ‘hustles’ their way to get their product into the hands of customers.

Finally, we will have founder of Kōrure, Ron Park who will speak to us about his journey of starting his company whilst working a full-time job. In this presentation, Ron will discuss why being resourceful is an attribute that every founder should cultivate.

As always, there will be free-flowing coffee along with tasty bacon burger breakfasts; and many startup lessons to be shared. So make sure you come along to learn and network with your startup community.


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Meet your speakers

Jack Wood
Co-founder & Chief Customer Officer @Komodo Wellbeing

Jack founded Komodo alongside his two co-founders in 2018. The NZ-based ed-tech startup produces software solutions for independent schools to measure and improve school wellbeing. At Komodo, Jack directs all sales, partnership and client success activity. In the last 3 years with Komodo he has worked with some of the world’s best schools, raised capital and participated in multiple international startup accelerators.

Jack will be speaking about Komodo’s history, their big pivot in 2020 and how they navigated through the uncertainties and challenges presented.


Heather Pearson
Co-founder & Chief Activator @CalmPipe

Heather moved to New Zealand from America almost 20 years ago to pursue a career in education. She was drawn to New Zealand’s natural beauty and liberal attitudes. After years in education she moved into project management in the not for profit sector.

Just before Covid hit she and her partner made the decision to launch Calm Pipe – a startup that helps people quit smoking by providing the world-first smoke-free, nicotine-free and vape-free pipes. Although busy with full-time jobs, the co-founding team didn’t let anything stop them. Heather is now working full-time as the CEO and Chief Activator.


Ron Park
Founder of Kōrure (Man of Hustle) @Kōrure

Ron Park is the founder of Kōrure – New Zealand’s first refillable supplement company. He was an accountant and a banker before starting his company.
He chose not to raise capital and start his company from scratch. This meant he had to have a full-time job and work on his startup at the same time.
Through this journey, he was able to learn how to operate a company as lean as possible and hustle his way into the ever so competitive market of supplements.