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Startup Breakfast Club: The Startup Journey

Ministry of Awesome’s Startup Breakfast Club – powered by MYOB and sponsored by DHL – is your monthly morning caffeine hit where you’ll find valuable social networks, gain business insight, and find the critical support you need to power your venture forward.

This month, we’re going to look at the whole startup journey so that you can understand the various stages you will need to navigate and the challenges you will need to overcome.  Regardless of your stage, there is plenty to be learned from those who are just a bit ahead of you which is why we’re going to hear from founders who are validating their market with early traction through to those who are trading and in their own premises.  We’re also going to look at why this is a journey made easier with various partners, mentors, and friends and how you can source this all-important support crew through our very own ecosystem.

There’ll be free flowing coffee and breakfast as usual, so secure your spot to this FREE event today.

The Startup Breakfast Club is always sold out in advance, so register early to make sure you don’t miss out. Click here to register by Thursday, 26 September.

PS. While this event will always be free, we only distribute a select number of tickets. So, if you think you might not make it, please do NOT book.