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Startup Breakfast Club Virtual: From Idea to Activation

Great ideas for starting up a company can come when you are talking to a friend, editing your spreadsheet or … Taking a shower (believe it or not, that’s where a lot of good ideas come from). You may have an idea that could turn into the next multi-million dollar company, but how do you start? What is the first step?

This is probably a question that a lot of you budding entrepreneurs may have every time a new business idea pops into your head. Well, the good news for you is, this month’s Startup Breakfast Club will answer just that.

Our very own Startup Incubation Manager at Te Ōhaka Centre for Growth and Innovation, Jacob Varghese, will show you how to transform your ideas into a solid business proposition using the ‘Lean Canvas’ startup methodology. You will also hear from Krissy Sadler-Bridge from MYOB and Charlene Sell from Wynn Williams speaking about the fundamentals of setting up a business and how to get it off the ground and running.

The ultimate goal is to turn some of you dreamers into dreamers and doers, so make sure you register for this webinar and tune on Thursday 25th!

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Meet your speakers

Jacob Varghese
Startup Incubation Manager @ Ministry of Awesome

Jacob manages our incubation and accelerator programs. He was an investment banker before joining MoA and is passionate about entrepreneurship. He loves to work with young entrepreneurs and new businesses, particularly in digital technology, fintech, and transport sectors. He is an Economics graduate with a Post Graduate Diploma in Business.

Krissy Sadler-Bridge
Marketing & Direct Manager @ MYOB NZ

Krissy Sadler-Bridge is based in Christchurch and heads up MYOB’s SME sales teams across New Zealand and Australia. Previous to sales roles, she has more than 15 years of experience developing and executing marketing campaigns across traditional and digital platforms and is passionate about providing the tools, technology and resources to help startups succeed.

Charlene Sell
Partner at Wynn Williams

Charlene Sell is a partner at Wynn Williams and works with local SME’s as well as larger national and international corporate clients. Her expertise includes assisting with business acquisitions and sales, drafting and providing advice on commercial contracts and terms of trade, dealing with employment matters and helping clients’ protect their brand.