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[Virtual] Office Hours with AfterWorks Ventures


Office Hours are about creating opportunities for startups and VCs to meet, either for investment pitching or for any general startup Q&As. Startups get the opportunity to speak with top-tier investors in ANZ and other countries which they would not normally/easily have the chance to do so if they were to approach the same investors by themselves.

Meet your VC

Adam Smith, Venture Partner at AfterWork Ventures

We are a community-powered, industry agnostic VC fund investing in Australian and New Zealand based startups that have $100m+ revenue ambition. We invest at the earliest stages, once you’re ready to turn “after work” into “work”.

Our investment process is imbued with a deep respect for founders’ time, intel, and courage. Founders are frequently subject to hellish, drawn-out due diligence processes, only to be unceremoniously knocked back despite their best efforts. We made a commitment to turn up for founders, and have designed a highly transparent process which adds value at every step.

Our community is rallied around a shared goal: to invest in the next generation of Australia and New Zealand startups at the very earliest stage, and then support them on their long and arduous journey from improbability to outlier success. Our hivemind is our bedrock and our edge.