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[Virtual] Office Hours with James Burnes


Office Hours are about creating opportunities for startups and VCs to meet, either for investment pitching or for any general startup Q&As. Startups get the opportunity to speak with top-tier investors in ANZ and other countries which they would not normally/easily have the chance to do so if they were to approach the same investors by themselves.

Meet your VC

James Burnes

James is a catalyst and motivational leader for innovation and strategy. He has spent his career advising entrepreneurs/startup teams and leading boards/C-suite to develop visionary goals, architect effective go-to-market strategies, design incredible customer experiences, and use lean startup/agile/design-thinking methodologies. He is driven to leading teams to grow shareholder value by leveraging cutting-edge technology supported by evidence-based insights. He’s passionate about helping mature companies think and act like a start-up to compete and win in the digital age.

A long-time proponent of Scrum/Agile and lean startup methodologies, James has led teams in numerous established industries using the processes to more effectively launch and build new ventures.

A passionate entrepreneur, James has started and sold numerous companies and has a track record of going from idea to launch of new products and services in extremely short windows of time. He is particularly interested in digital B2B innovation strategies for traditional industries including finance, manufacturing, tourism, and healthcare.