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[Virtual] Office Hours with WNT Ventures


Office Hours are about creating opportunities for startups and VCs to meet, either for investment pitching or for any general startup Q&As. Startups get the opportunity to speak with top-tier investors in ANZ and other countries which they would not normally/easily have the chance to do so if they were to approach the same investors by themselves.

Meet your VC

Maria Jose Alvarez, Investment Manager, WNT Ventures

Maria Jose is an experienced deep-tech investor and operator passionate about supporting entrepreneurs through the process of investment, commercialisation, and growth. MJ is a Biotechnology Engineer and holds a Masters in Bioscience Enterprise (1st Hons). Before her time in NZ, MJ co-founded and operated a Biotech start-up focused on the Agritech sector. Most recently, MJ worked as an Investment Manager at NZGCP, where she led Seed and Series A investments.