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[Virtual] Sharing Session: Why, How and When to Enter the U.S. Market


On Tuesday 8 March we have Mark Bregman and  Grayson from Quidnet Ventures hosting a Virtual Sharing Session with our startups in the space! This will be held on Zoom and the topic will be on “Why, how and when to enter the U.S. market as an early-stage startup and the challenges and benefits of being a female founder within the NZ/US markets”

Meet your Speakers

Mark Bregman, General Partner, Quidnet Ventures

Dr. Mark F. Bregman, General Partner at Quidnet Ventures has spent more than 30 years in the technology industry since earning his PhD in physics. He has often worked with early-stage companies to help them develop their products and bring them to market. Mark was recently named as an Edmund Hillary Fellow, strengthening his more than 20 year relationship with New Zealand.

, Principal Analyst, Quidnet Ventures

Skye Grayson, Principal Analyst at Quidnet Ventures has worked with Associate Professor of Sociology Joshua Whitford to develop the ‘Data Science Ethics’ graduate curriculum for Columbia University.