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Wellness startup Calm Pipe promotes healthier lifestyles through smoke-free pipes

Founded by Scott Pearson and Heather Pearson, Calm Pipe helps people quit smoking by providing vape-free, smoke-free and nicotine-free pipes. Starting out with a team of just two, the idea for this wellness startup was first established in 2019, starting with Ōtautahi Christchurch as the testing market. Through innovative pipe technologies that encourage deep breathing and mindfulness, the co-founders aim to not just change their customers’ bad habits but also reduce smoking addiction on a societal level.

Calm Pipe’s early adopters are social smokers who want to quit and are looking for a healthy alternative. Most people who relapse find themselves doing so as a result of stress, and depression in their lives. Calm pipes help calm their minds through deep and slower breathing, hence support them through moments when they’re most vulnerable to relapses.


Introducing Heather Pearson


Why did you decide to embark on your startup journey?
Calm Pipe has an interesting backstory. Years ago, Scott and I spent a year in Colorado and found ourselves on the edge of the Hayman Forest Fires. To help threatened homes, we cleared scrub and vegetation but we’re getting dust and smoke in our lungs. We wondered … is this what smokers and the people around them face on a daily basis? At this moment, we started to discuss a design for a device that would mimic the hand to mouth habit without all of the other stuff that goes along with smoking.

What is the most enjoyable part of your startup journey so far?
Listening to our customers and hearing the success stories has been absolutely brilliant. We know Calm Pipe isn’t the solution for everyone but it gives people another option. The success stories feed our motivation. We’re a pretty awesome team with loads of future plans and products in the pipeline… no pun intended 🙂

What is the most challenging part of your startup journey so far? Why?
The most challenging thing so far would have to be time and budget. I think most startups would have similar challenges. It takes a lot of time to line everything up and with a small budget you find yourself doing most of the work yourself, we’re constantly needing to upskill. We’re pretty lucky being in the Te Ōhaka Startup Incubation Programme and having access to some pretty awesome experts

What are your biggest lessons you have learned in your start up journey so far?
One of our biggest lessons so far in our startup journey is quick and efficient decision making. A small decision at the start could have a big impact in our future outcomes. We found it helpful to always bring our decisions back to our company values. What is our purpose and where are we heading?

What would you have done differently if you are given the chance to start over your startup journey?
Our first product is in the shape of an old school pipe, but at the same time, it directs fresh air into the lungs. It’s a really healthy alternative. Unfortunately, we’re currently not allowed to advertise due to the shape or form factor. It’s always important to consider any barriers to market when you’re designing a product. The good news is that we’re heading into our next design sprint to add to our collection of products. Stay tuned!